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“Red Cross Cupcakes at Magnolia Benefit Haiti ”

To help provide relief for the people of Haiti, Magnolia Bakery will be offering a special Red Cross Cupcake during the months of January and February. 

Available beginning January 22nd, The Red Cross cupcake is their signature vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing, decorated with the Red Cross logo.

For every Red Cross Cupcake purchased (retail price: $3.00), Magnolia Bakery will donate $1.00 to the American Red Cross to benefit the Haiti Relief Fund.

Magnolia Bakery locations are below:

401 Bleecker Street, 212.462.2572 

200 Columbus Avenue (at 69th Street), 212.724.8101 

1240 Avenue of the Americas (at 49th Street), 212.767.1123 

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