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“Jacques Torres Chocolates Moves to Sunset Park, Brooklyn”

In New York City, a conversation about luxury chocolates would not be complete without mentioning Jacques Torres. Over the last decade, the master pastry chef has expanded his confection brand (and his famous hot chocolate) to four stores in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. This year, he’ll merge his two factories into a 39,500 square feet mega space at The Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park increasing his production 4-fold. Torres lovers will eventually be able to visit and indulge in his signature ‘Made in New York’ chocolates while getting a Willy Wonka style experience.  Product and patrons alike will take a linear journey visiting the melting, a decorating space and watch chocolate be transported to the ‘cold room’ via a 70-foot tunnel. A pastry room, a roasting room to fire cacao beans and an ice cream room will also added to the docket.

Sorry Augustus Gloop fans, there will be no chocolate river. 

Those who cannot wait for the factory’s official opening can visit retails stores or purchase items here:  http://www.mrchocolate.com/


--Tracy Weiss

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