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“Sapa to become Nuela”

Chef Douglas Rodriguez is pretty much the guy we can thank for spearheading the Nuevo Latino movement, first with Yuca in Coral Gables and then with Patria here in NYC (I may never forget the Fufu served at the bar with those crunchy ribbons of plantain chips). Since then, he's been less of a steady cuilinary presence here in the city, with the short-lived Ola his most recent restaurant. But he's poised to strike with a winner when he opens Nuela this summer in the space that was most recently Patricia Yeo's perch—Sapa, at 43 West 24th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

According to the PR: "Expect modernized, sophisticated Latin fusion cuisine that Rodriguez is known for, with a special focus on ceviche, of course. A dynamic design duo, fashion designer Angel Sanchez and interior designer Christopher Coleman, are completely renovating and redesigning the interior. The liquor license was approved to be transferred at the community board meeting on Monday 6/9."

Stay tuned.

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Finally he decided to open a new place in the city. I was wondering what took him so long. He always pushes the culinary envelope in the right direction.

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