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“New York Central -- A Reason To Eat at the Grand Hyatt Again”

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erfect roasted chicken, and Chef Ragano hit the nail on the head. At one point I gave up on my fork and knife and picked up a few pieces of the chicken to eat with my fingers. Manners be darned, I had to be make sure not one morsel meat was left behind. After giving my fingers one final lick, I pushed my plate to the middle of the table and surrendered the bones to the waiter. “I’ll take the rest to go,” I joked.

The dessert menu was truly one of the most creative I’d ever seen including everything from Milk Chocolate Cremeux with Hazelnuts and Brown Butter ($10) to Ricotta Clafoutis with Quince, Elderflower and Rose Jam ($10.) We ordered a sampling platter so we could try everything on the menu, and each dessert was better than the one before it. At one point, I had an odd sensation in my mouth and realized that I had eaten chocolate-covered Pop Rocks. What a great surprise!

The Grand Hyatt hotel has come a long way since my visits 15 years ago. New York Central is a modern restaurant with excellent food and ambiance that is exactly the breath of fresh air that the hotel needed. I look forward to returning to New York Central to claim a seat at the beautiful bar, sip the cocktails and watch the excitement of the city unfold on the sidewalk below.

New York Central is located at 109 East 42nd Street, Park Avenue at Grand Central - 646-213-6865 - http://hyatt.com/gallery/nycghgrandcentral/index.html

—Rachel Barbarotta

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