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“The Lunch Truck at the North Fork Table and Inn”

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Word of a new food truck doesn’t really impress me anymore. Back in the day (about two years ago), the news would have me tracking the truck in hopes of snagging a great organic hand-churned ice cream cone, or a perfectly grilled sandwich stuffed with cheddar from the Hudson Valley, spicy pickles from Brooklyn, and roasted pork raised by Bev Eggleston. These days, I am still a fan of the genre, but the novelty has somewhat worn off; I am less excitable. That is until I met the Lunch Truck.

Now, you may not be familiar with the Lunch Truck as it is located in the North Fork of Long Island, tucked under the shady elms in backyard of the North Fork Table & Inn, the wonderful seasonal American restaurant and B&B operated by Gramercy Tavern and Aureole alumni Claudia Fleming and Gerry Hayden, along with front of the house partners Mary and Mike Mraz (also of GT and Hearth).

I should mention at the get-go that while the Lunch Truck is a food truck, it is not mobile. You come to the truck, it doesn’t come to you. But that’s just fine as there is really all of no traffic in the North Fork and it’s located on the Main Road that takes you out to all the vineyards and back home via the LIE. It’s convenient to beaches, too, for a picnic lunch with the gulls. Or you can grab an Adirondack chair in their garden and just eat there.

The other thing that makes the Lunch Truck a little quirky (and really even more fabulous), is its façade. You see the truck is actually an old Ford Camper, and it’s not all that attractive. Claudia wanted something like an old Ford Truck from the 50s, something with style and a sense of Americana. She thought about painting it, and getting it fixed up, but that was too costly. Instead, she approached the local high school theater kids and asked them to paint a set for her. The idea was brilliant. And these kids are talented. From a distance the truck looks like it’s rambling down an old dusty dirt road, with a little Ella Fitzgerald or even early Elvis playing in the breeze.

The best part of the Lunch Truck is the food. Let me shout out a huge "Thank You!!" to Claudia and Gerry for opening. Finally, we have a great place to get a sandwich in the North Fork! I mean, I have al ... [more, click below]

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